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July 27, 2017
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Conservation DistrictConservation District

Mapping & AddressingMapping & Addressing


Recycling & WasteRecycling & Waste

Register & RecorderRegister & Recorder

GIS MappingGIS Mapping


The Assessment office is charged with the fair and uniform valuing of over 57,000 land parcels in Crawford County and the structures on them for the purpose of real estate taxation.

The Conservation District's mission is to protect, conserve, and restore the natural resources of the county for present and future generations by actively seeking resources and partnerships to achieve these goals through voluntary cooperation.  To find out more information about the services and programs the Conservation District is involved with, please visit their website by clicking on their link located on the left of this page.

The Crawford County Mapping and Addressing department is run by the Office of Emergency Services. The day to day operations include assigning and verifying 911 addresses for Crawford County residents.  We also provide mapping of various sizes and geographic areas to the public, as well as various local, state, and federal government agencies, and local and neighboring emergency services.  To find out more inforamtion, please visit the Mapping & Addressing webpage.

The Crawford County Planning Office is the full time staff for the Crawford County Planning Commission. The Commission is an advisory body for Crawford County, reviewing subdivisions and land development for municipalities with land use ordinances.

The Crawford County Solid Waste Authority was created in 1972 with the mission to insure the proper management of municipal solid waste. The Authority achieves this mission by providing programs and services to minimize and divert waste from landfill disposal.  To find out more information about recycling programs, education and the Solid Waste Authority, visit their website by clicking on their link located to the left of this page.

The Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds department is under the direction of Deborah Curry.  The Register of Wills handles probate estates, collects Pennsylvania inheritance tax, and files Pennsylvania resident inheritance tax returns.  The Recorder of Deeds handles recorded land records like deeds, mortgages, mortgage satisfactions, mortgage releases, agreements (article of agreements, etc;), UCC filings, notary publics and power of attorneys.  To find out more information, visit the Register & Recorder's webpage.

GIS - Geographical Information System links together locational (spatial) and database (tabular) information that enables a person to visualize patterns, relationships and trends. This process gives an entirely new perspective to data analysis that cannot be seen in a table or list format. Multiple datasets can be overlaid upon each other in layers to provide a useful system of information compiled by Crawford County.


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