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July 28, 2014
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GIS service temporarily unavailable

Due to technical difficulties with the server, the GIS website is currently down for unexpected maintenance.

A short explanation is in order as to why our site has been down for an extended timeframe:

We were operating the old mapping site on software that is no longer supported by our software vendor, and we could not move to their new software since our hardware would not support it. Knowing this we planned last year to replace the hardware this year and we procured and put new servers into operation in May to allow us to move our existing operational databases and the GIS data. When both our Primary and Secondary Oracle Servers failed a week ago, we had moved all the production databases to our new servers and had them operational and were just beginning the process of moving the GIS function. We had already moved some of the data from GIS to the new servers but the aerial imagery was not yet moved. We happened to be in receipt of new 2014 imagery due to a recent project funded by the Commissioners. Therefore since the old GIS site would not operate on the new servers we decided to invest our time in developing the new site using the new imagery rather than bring back the old site on unsupported software with nearly decade old imagery. Unfortunately there is not a dedicated GIS team in the county so this work is done as time is available by staff that have other primary duties.

We are committed to providing you a new GIS website that has the same functions as the old one and has some additional features available to you. We ask that you please be patient as this site is being rushed through the development time.

Crawford County Geographic Information Service (GIS)

The link(s) below are GIS web services hosted by Crawford County Government.  This data has been compiled and maintained by multiple county offices.  Each web service will have a HELP link at the top right side of the map.  Within the help context, you may find a tutorial on how to use the interactive website, as well as some tips and tricks and FAQs.

The link(s) below are optimized for Internet Explorer (7 & higher) and may not yield results with other browsers, in some newer versions of Internet Explorer, you may need to run compatibility mode.

Please take note that the FEMA Preliminary 2009-10 100 Year Flood Zone is now in effect as of August 16, 2012 and PLEASE DISREGARD FEMA Current 100 Year Flood Zone layer. If there is a dispute and a LOMR has been placed, the LOMR will trump this map. If you should have any questions, contact your Township Secretary or the Planning Office.

GIS Parcel/Address Viewer

GIS Parcel/Address Viewer - Demo Video

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