July 27, 2017
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Child Abuse Hotline
To report suspected child abuse or neglect, please call 814-724-8380 (Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm), after 4:30pm please call County Control at 814-724-2548 or CHILDLINE at 1-800-932-0313.
CYS Services Overview      
CYS services are provided to children and families when it is deemed that a child is at risk for abuse or neglect. The goal of CYS is to safely maintain children and families in their homes whenever possible in the least restrictive fashion possible. Crawford County CYS contracts with a vast array of agencies that provide families and children with the necessary tools to maintain a happy, healthy home. Services range from assistance with homemaking skills, to parenting classes, anger management, in home counseling and mentoring.

Overview of Crawford County CYS Services
For more information on CYS services please contact:
Brian Setta, CYS Program Specialist or
Joe Barnhart, Quality Assurance and Multi-Systems Manager
18282 Technology Drive, Suite 101
Meadville, PA  16335
toll free: 1-877-334-8793

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CYS Informational Brochures and Publications      
Ages and Stages of Childhood 5yrs - 11yrs
Ages and Stages of Childhood 6mo-5yrs
Ages and Stages of Childhood 12yrs - 18yrs
Alternatives to Child Abuse
ASFA brochure
Getting Through Temper Tantrums
How to Report Public Mistreatment of Kids
Indicators of Child Abuse
Long Term Consequences of Child Abuse
Overview of Changes to CPSL
Professional's Guide to CPSL
Recipe For Good Parenting
Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
The Power of Choice
The Power of One Person
Tips For Being A Nurturing Parent
Tips For Positive Parenting
Understanding Your Child
What is a Mandated Reporter
What Kids Should Know About Child Abuse and Neglect

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