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Anthony Digiacomo - VSO
Tammie Jones - Secretary
Diane Nottingham - Secretary
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The veteran is the most important person entering our facility. We are not doing our veterans a favor by serving them, they are entitled to our service. Veterans are not an interruption of our work, they are the purpose of our work.

Veterans Service Officer Code of Ethics:

  1. Keep the confidence of all veterans. Through military records and personal conversations, the service officer learns many intimate details concerning the veteran's life. This confidential information must not be revealed to anyone except those personally connected with the case.
  2. Assist veterans in preparing honest claims. The Service Officer will prepare claims so as to put the best light on the claim. Any information known to be false will not be included.
  3. Maintain a high professional standard with other service officers. Avoid being critical of others.
  4. Be nonpartisan among veterans organizations. The service officer will render service to any veterans organization, or to those who belong to none. Racial and religious preferences have no bearing on the cases handled.

Veterans Services' primary function is to help the veteran and his/her dependents receive benefits, when eligible, from the Federal Government, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, or Crawford County. We work closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs regarding federal benefits and the Pennsylvania Department of Military & Veterans Affairs, Bureau for Veterans Affairs regarding state benefits. We have developed a close relationship with Crawford County funeral homes and cemeteries to ensure that our 10,000 veterans receive the final respect they so richly deserve. We also provide limited assistance to active duty personnel.

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For all Veteran’s that started claims through EBenefits in 2013 and later those claims will expire if not completed and submitted within 365 days.

As many claims face expiration, Crawford County Veteran stands ready to assist families obtain earned ebenefits. Problems faced by veteran’s attempts to file claims using benefits require them to obtain the necessary supporting documents to support the injury or injuries and attach them to the application submitted.

Crawford County Veteran services stands ready to assist any veteran at no charge for obtaining the necessary documentation to help process your ready to rate claim which will expedite the time it takes before you receive a decision.

The Crawford County Veterans Director has remote access and is able to track the status of all claim submitted by this office.

Crawford County Veterans Service office are here to serve our veterans at no cost to the veteran.


Note: Veterans must be 100% permanently & totally disabled

The request was made at a previous County Directors’ training to make the application available electronically to County Veterans’ Affairs offices. The request was addressed, and the application has been made available on the County Directors’ on-line forum. Along with this privilege generates a responsibility. This application is not to be sent/distributed to any other agency (legislative representative, county offices, etc.) or the individual applicant. County Directors and staff are the only individuals authorized to submit applications on behalf of a veteran or their spouse. Applications have been submitted illegible, incomplete, and missing supporting documentation. Hopefully this will ensure that veterans and their spouses use your office to assist them in completing the form.

The application has been updated and is available on the County Directors’ on-line forum. It is imperative that the previous year’s complete income tax return is provided. The income claimed on the application should correspond with income claimed on the tax return. In addition, w-2(s) and 1099(s) are required to differentiate veteran’s income and spouse’s income. If the applicant’s income alone exceeds $79,050, then household income and expenses will be considered.


Approximately the second week of May we are busy preparing for Memorial Day. Crawford County currently has 297 cemeteries with about 10,000 deceased veterans dating back to the Revolutionary War. Each veteran's grave is decorated with a flag and metal flag holder. There is a distinctive flag holder for each war period, including one for peace time veterans. The flags are broken down into groups according to who will be picking them up and distributing them to each of the cemeteries. This is accomplished by ten American Legion Posts, one Disabled American Veterans Chapter, two Marine Corps League Detachments, four Veterans of Foreign Wars Posts, and one Veterans of the Vietnam War Post.


The County of Crawford lies in northwestern Pennsylvania. Originally it was inhabited by the Iroquiois Indians and other tribes and nations. In later years, the land was acquired by a group of Dutch investors under title of the Holland Land Company and resold to settlers. The Commonwealth allocated land to its Revolutionary War soldiers as a bonus settlement. The county was formed in 1800 from a portion of Allegheny County and named after Colonel William Crawford, an early military hero and close friend of George Washington.


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