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MONEY - Inmate Commissary Accounts

Money for inmates may be placed on their account using the kiosk machine in our lobby or by using Access Secure Deposits by calling 866-345-1884 or by Internet at

Access Secure Deposits  


Please Note: Cashiers checks, money orders, personal checks or cash will no longer be accepted by mail or at the facility.


  • General population inmates will be issued clothing items by the facility.
  • Inmates will be permitted to store only one (1) set of clothing in their personal property bag.
  • If court clothing is brought in, it will be exchanged for the property in their property bag.
  • If inmates wish to release property or have property dropped off, this will be done on Saturdays only during regular visiting times.
  • The Crawford County Correctional Facility will not be responsible for any property left over 30 days after the inmate has been released. Property left over 30 days will be disposed of.
  • The Crawford County Correctional Facility will not be responsible for any property left over 10 days after the inmate has been released to another facility.


The Crawford County Correctional Facility address is:

2100 Independence Drive
Saegertown, PA 16433

  • Mail will be processed as soon as possible after it is received.
  • Incoming mail shall be distributed daily, except for Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, to housing units according to the facility schedule.
  • All C.O.D. and postage-due mail will not be accepted by this facility.
  • NEW: Paperback periodicals, magazines, and newspapers (excluding pornographic, drug oriented, assaultive, or military type) may come through the mail to an inmate only if the literature comes directly from Tattered Corners, 247 Chestnut St., Meadville, PA 16335. (A maximum of three (3) subscriptions per inmate, 1- for -1 exchange) All magazines, books, and periodicals must meet prior approval from the deputy warden's office.
  • Correspondence from inmates at the Crawford County Correctional Facility with inmates of other institutions, inmates of this facility, or victims of their criminal act will not be permitted, except upon special approval of the warden's office.
  • Mail shall be received only through the United States Postal Service and/or private professional couriers during normal working days (except for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).
  • Inmate mail shall be sent out in accordance with all United States Postal Service and facility rules and regulations during normal work days (except for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).
  • There shall be no limit to the amount of mail an inmate may send out.
  • Personal mail which is addressed to inmate(s) incarcerated in the facility shall be opened and inspected for contraband. Any mail containing contraband will be returned to sender.
  • Legal mail which is addressed to inmate(s) incarcerated in the facility shall be opened in front of the inmate and inspected for contraband. All legal mail that is opened and inspected in the inmates’ presence will be distributed by the housing unit officer.
  • Restricted mail is:
    1. Material that encourages sexual behavior which is criminal and/or a violation of facility rules.
    2. Mail that contains instructions for the manufacturing of explosives, drugs, or any other unlawful substance.
    3. Mail that advocates racial, religious, or national hatred in such a way that it creates a serious danger or threat of violence in the facility.
    4. Mail from inmates from another institution.


Inmate Phone Accounts

Inmate phone accounts may be set up by contacting IC Solutio​​ns at 888-506-8407 or on the web at Inmate phone accounts are not handled by the Crawford County Correctional Facility.


Cellular phones are strictly prohibited inside the Cr​awford County Correctional Facility!

  • Telephone calls are a privilege, not a right. Telephone privileges may be revoked for misuse, inappropriate behavior, or security reasons while using the inmate phone systems. Telephones were installed for the inmate’s benefit and convenience.
  • The telephone systems will be operational seven (7) days a week, from 8:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M.
  • Incoming telephone calls are not permitted. No staff member is permitted to make any phone calls for inmates, so please do not ask any staff member to do so.
  • Each call has a time limit so that everyone will have an opportunity to place calls.
  • Three way calls are strictly prohibited.
  • Inmates in RHU/FRHU, medical, hospital, or on a suicide watch do not receive telephone privileges.

Electronic Messaging:

ICSolutions also provies an Electronic messaging service to send messages as photos to the inmate tablet accounts.  Go to for more information.



The County of Crawford lies in northwestern Pennsylvania. Originally it was inhabited by the Iroquiois Indians and other tribes and nations. In later years, the land was acquired by a group of Dutch investors under title of the Holland Land Company and resold to settlers. The Commonwealth allocated land to its Revolutionary War soldiers as a bonus settlement. The county was formed in 1800 from a portion of Allegheny County and named after Colonel William Crawford, an early military hero and close friend of George Washington.


903 Diamond Park Meadville, PA 16335

Phone: (814) 333-7300
Toll free: 800-982-9019

Fax: (814) 337-0457

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

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