Crawford County, Pennsylvania

Human Services Department


Children and Youth:

AFCARS:                Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System

AP:                         Alleged Perpetrator

APPLA:                   Another Planned Permanent Living Arrangement

ASFA:                     Adoption Safe Families Act

CA/N:                     Child Abuse and Neglect

CANS:                    Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths Assessment

CART:                    County Abuse Response Team

CCR:                      Clinical Case Review

CPP:                      Child Permanency Plan

CPS:                      Child Protective Services

CPSL:                     Child Protective Services Law

CTW:                      Contrary to The Welfare

CWEL:                    Child Welfare Education Leadership

CYS:                      Children and Youth Services

FGDM:                   Family Group Decision Making

FMLA:                     Family Medical Leave Act

FPLS:                     Federal Parent Locator Service

FSP:                       Family Service Plan

GPS:                      General Protective Services

I&R:                        Information and Referral

IC:                          Identified Child

ICAMS:                   Integrated Case and Accounting Management System

ICPC:                     Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children

IVTPR:                   Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights

MDT:                      Multi Disciplinary Team

MEPA:                    Multi Ethnic Placement Act

OCYF:                    Office of Children, Youth and Families

PACES:                  Pennsylvania Automated Child Enforcement System

PAE:                       Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange

PCYA:                    Pennsylvania Children and Youth Association

PSSU:                    Pennsylvania Social Services Union

RS:                         Report Source

SACWIS:                Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System

SPLC:                     Subsidized Permanent Legal Custody

SWAN:                   State Wide Adoption Network

TPR:                       Termination of Parental Rights

Verbal:                    Verbal Court Order

Voluntary:               Voluntary Placement Agreement


Service Providers:

ACCG:                    Associates in Counseling and Child Guidance

AFDC:                    Aid to Families with Dependent Children

CAO:                      County Assistance Office

CART:                    Community Abuse Response Team

CBH:                      Children's Behavioral Health (used to be FCCS)

CCFS:                    Comprehensive Children and Family Services

CFC or CTFC           Child to Family Connections

CFS:                       Center for Family Services

CCIS:                     Child Care Information Services

CIS:                        Central Index System

D&A:                      Drug and Alcohol Program

DFS:                       Diversified Family Services

Dom. Rel.:              Domestic Relations

DPW:                     Department of Public Welfare

EPSDT:                  Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, Treatment

FBMH:                    Family Based Mental Health

HHYS:                    Hermitage House Youth Shelter

IL:                          Independent Living

ISP:                        Individualized Service Plan

ITNA:                      Individual Training Needs Assessment

MA:                        Medical Assistance

NWTC:                   North Western Training Center

OEO:                      Office of Equal Opportunity

OTRM:                   Orientation, Training and Resource Manual

PA:                         Public Assistance

RACSP:                  Reunification and Community Supports Program

TANF:                     Temporary Aid for Needy Families

TRAC:                    Three Rivers Adoption Center

WIC:                       Women, Infants, Children

YAP:                       Youth Advocacy Program



BSE:                       Bureau of Special Education

CER:                      Continuing Education Record

ECLC:                     Early Childhood Learning Center

EI:                          Early Intervention Program

ES:                         Emotional Support

GED:                      Graduate Equivalency Diploma

IEP:                        Individualized Education Plan

IST:                        Instructional Support Teacher

IU:                          Intermediate Unit

LS:                         Learning Support

SAP:                       Student Assistance Program


Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities:


ADA:                      Americans with Disabilities Act

ADD:                      Attention Deficit Disorder

ADHD:                    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADOS:                    Adolescent Diagnostic Observation Scale

ADS:                      Adult Day Services

AE:                         Administrative Entity

ARC:                      Association for Retarded Citizens

AS:                         Asperger's Syndrome

ASD:                      Autism Spectrum Disorder

AT:                         Assistive Technology

ATF:                       Adult Training Facility

AWC FMS:             Agency with Choice Financial Management Service

BAS:                       Bureau of Autism Services

BCM:                      Blended Case Manager

BHA:                      Bureau of Hearings and Appeals

BIP:                        Behavior Intervention Plan

BSC:                      Behavior Specialist Consultant

BSU:                      Base Service Unit

CAO:                      County Assistance Office

CASSP:                  Child and Adolescent Service System Program

CHAPS:                  Crawford county mental Health Awareness Programs

CMS:                      Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

CW:                        Consolidated Waiver

DCP:                      Direct Care Professional

DD:                        Developmental Disability or Dual Diagnosis

DPW:                     Department of Public Welfare

DSM IV:                  Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders

EDL:                       Everyday Lives

EI:                          Early Intervention

EPSDT:                  Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment

FBA:                       Functional Behavioral Assessment

FBH:                       Family Behavioral Health

FBMH:                    Family Based Mental Health

FC:                         Facilitated Communication

FCM:                      Family Case Manager

FERPA:                  Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

FLP:                       Family Living Provider

FSS:                       Family Support Services

HCBS:                    Home and Community Based Services

HCQU:                   Health Care Quality Unit

HCSIS:                   Home and Community Services Information System

HIPPA:                   Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

ICF:                        Intermediate Care Facility

ID                           Intellectual Disabilities

IDEA:                     Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

IEP:                        Individual Education Plan

IFSP:                      Individualized Family Support Plan

IM4Q:                     Independent Monitoring for Quality

ISP:                        Individual Support Plan

ITU:                        Intensive Treatment Unit

JCAHO:                  Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations

LD:                         Learning Disabled

LICC:                      Local Interagency Coordinating Council

LOC:                      Level of Care

LRE:                       Least Restrictive Environment

LTCC:                     Local Transition Coordinating Council

MA:                        Medical Assistance

MAWD:                   Medical Assistance for Workers with Disabilities

MDT:                      Multidisciplinary Team Meeting

MH:                        Mental Health

MST:                      Multi-Systemic Therapy

MT:                        Mobile Therapist

NOS:                      Not Otherwise Specified

OCD:                      Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCDEL:                  Office of Child Development and Early Learning

ODD:                      Oppositional Defiant Disorder

ODP:                      Office of Developmental Programs

OLTL:                     Office of Long Term Living

OMHSAS:               Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

OPE:                      Outpatient Evaluation

OPT:                      Outpatient Therapy

OT:                        Occupational Therapy

OVR:                      Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

PCH:                      Personal Care Home

PCP:                      Primary Care Physician

PDD:                      Pervasive Developmental Disorder

PDR:                      Physician's Desk Reference

PELICAN:               Pa's Enterprise for Linking Infants and Children Across Networks

P/FDS:                   Person/Family Directed Support Waiver

PT:                         Physical Therapy

PTSD:                     Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PUNS:                    Prioritization of Urgency of Need for Services

R/O:                       Rule out

RTF:                       Residential Treatment Facility

SC:                         Supports Coordinator/Service Coordinator

SIS:                        Supports Intensity Scale

SSA:                       Social Security Administration

SSDI:                     Social Security Disability Income

SSI:                        Social Security Income

STAP:                     Summer Therapeutic Activities Program

TBI:                        Traumatic Brain Injury

TFC:                       Therapeutic Foster Care

TF-CBT:                 Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

TSM:                      Targeted Service Management

TSS:                       Therapeutic Support Staff

UCIP:                     United Community Independence Programs

VBH:                      Value Behavioral Health




Criminal and Court Systems:

PSP:                       Pennsylvania State Police

PSPCR:                  Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record

CHRI:                     Criminal History Record Information

JCJC:                     Juvenile Court Judges Commission

JPO:                       Juvenile Probation Officer

GAL:                      Guardian Ad Litem

CASA:                    Court Appointed Special Advocate

DA:                         District Attorney

ADA:                      Assistant District Attorney

PD:                         Public Defender

NCIC:                     National Crime Information Center

DJ:                         District Justice

CLEAN:                  Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network

SCI:                        State Correctional Institution

YDC:                      Youth Development Center

YFC:                       Youth Forestry Camp

JJS:                        Juvenile Justice System

EM or E/M:             Electronic Monitoring


The County of Crawford lies in northwestern Pennsylvania. Originally it was inhabited by the Iroquiois Indians and other tribes and nations. In later years, the land was acquired by a group of Dutch investors under title of the Holland Land Company and resold to settlers. The Commonwealth allocated land to its Revolutionary War soldiers as a bonus settlement. The county was formed in 1800 from a portion of Allegheny County and named after Colonel William Crawford, an early military hero and close friend of George Washington.


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